• We complete all our works and services – and your website is turnkey-ready.
• ... offer unique graphic content for each website we make.
• ... also create multi-lingual websites.
• ... discuss the amount of the required work with a client and give individual quotation for every order.
• ... can assist you with registering a domain name and renting a server for your website; we can also design and develop logos, business 
cards and company stationery according to your corporate style.
• ... offer special (lower) rates to our regular customers.

–  Website redesign. Revamping a website can be prompted by a number of reasons; however, your website is certainly in dire need of a redesign if: its functioning is unstable; it gets displayed differently in different web browsers; its graphics does not come up to the company’s current level of doing business or is out-of-date.

–  Brochure-style websites for individuals, businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs. A brochure-style website is a great way to showcase your business, advertise your services or tell about your personal interests online – and do it in a brief yet informative and stylish manner. Such website will create a memorable image and a positive impression of its owner.

–  Business-type websites for businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs. A business-type website is a way to present your corporate interests by using a more advanced and database-driven approach. Such website advertises and gives a detailed description of the production technologies employed by a company and the groups of goods or services it sells. It also urges a website visitor to order the products or services offered online.